Top 10 Content Marketing Tips for Travel Agents

Last week digital marketers and travel industry leaders joined forces at the Ataway Exchange, a digital marketing conference for the travel and tourism industry. The annual event is a unique opportunity for technology, travel and digital media specialists to network and share industry developments, insights, and the latest trends.

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Below you’ll find key takeaways from the event, including digital marketing insights for travel agents and advisors.

1. Go Viral With Great Content:

“The way to achieve ROI with social media marketing is to have your customers spread content on your behalf. People want to share content that is remarkable,” said speaker Ben Arnon, vice president of global brand partnerships at Wildfire, a Google-owned social media marketing company.

“Develop content that consumers will piggyback off of.”

In the travel advisor space, this can mean content that is either funny or aspirational. Obtain, or produce, content that offers up innovative travel tips or cutting-edge itineraries, ensuring your audience will want to share the information with their social networks.

Travel advisors have access to amazing experiences you can share with the world. Focus on how to turn those experiences into amazing content and make it easy for your audience to spread the word.

2. Entertain & Enhance:

Everyone and everything is a brand today, whether you’re a sole proprietor, a corporation or an independent blogger. Treat your brand as an individual; would you want this person to be your friend? Give your customers a reason to love and appreciate you. Consumers want to be entertained and kept informed by your marketing efforts. Brands who do this correctly clearly convey the notion that their brand, products and services are able to improve the everyday life of the consumer.

3. Ditch the Pitch:

The consumer no longer finds a one-way message in the form of an advertisement to be an acceptable form of communication. On the contrary, they anticipate a dialogue, or a conversation, with the brand they choose. Be sure not to smear yourself by overselling and hawking deals. Pull your audience in with engaging messages so that they want to be part of your world.

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